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Deploy the World’s best AI and Business Automation technology with The Help Of JobsBots

the JobsBots service is not Software or just SaaS

a DONE FOR YOU Service including consulting

AI & chatbot deployment and integration of your current apps to produce AI-powered automations

Suitable for companies over £632k up to £10m Turnover

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Does any of this sound familiar?

(What your current business looks like without Technology)

Staff constantly need your help

Training staff and losing them and re-training the “new people” is not going to solve this problem. Processes that work without your involvement is the solution. We show you how and then implement for you.

Questions, stupid Questions

Often these are important to clients. They need to feel empowered to make decisions. They have questions about the job, when and how etc. But these calls take so much time. And, they always come when you are working.

Paying for leads that don’t exist?

You know how it works. You get at least one email a day that is from a “Marketing Expert” that promises you leads for your business. But they don’t know anything about YOUR business.

“When the phone never rang I knew it wasn’t you”

Customers never call when it convenient for you. To get a high quality employee to answer calls and field all of the questions they have is too expensive. Can AI plug this gap? Speak with JobsBots to discover.

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What about these?

(Is this what it‘s like out there for you?)

Customers demanding changes but not willing to pay?

You already specified the job, you started work, then the client changes his mind. It’s all good now, but what about when the time comes to pay the extras?

Prices are going up. But profits are not.

This year you have a resolution to increase your profits. But every time you try to increase prices, you are knocked back. Getting more turnover without paying for more marketing and leads is hard.

Days seem to get shorter and new work is hard to schedule.

You love your business. You love the work, but the endless quotes, invoices, paperwork and chasing around to get work is killing all the fun.

You seem to only win 2 or 3 out of every ten leads you get sight of

Cost of Customer Acquisition (CAC) gets higher all the time. Good money paid for leads and marketing seems to fall on baron soil or, seems wasted alltogeher.

How We Do It

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JobsBots is a DONE FOR YOU Service. We provide a personalised programme of services designed to RETURN YOUR INVESTMENT (Or, we will continue working with you: And you pay no more).

What We Offer

Automating Customer Service

On-line shops and e Commerce

AI ChatBots for knowledge management

Automating Social media content

Automating Products and Services catalogue

Automating Lead creation and management

Automating Job Booking

And more!

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Here’s the Deal. Risk-Free Transformation

Discover the power of JobsBots—We deploy the world’s best technology— directly into your business. And the best part? We handle it all for you.

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Guaranteed 30-Day Money Back

Love what we do within the first 30 days, or get a full refund.

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Personalized Solutions

We tailor JobsBots to fit your unique business needs until we achieve agreed-upon targets.

JobsBots will take the risk here. We promise to deploy the World’s best technology into your business and get it all working DONE FOR YOU.

Robot chatbot, AI support in technology and business concept.

Deliver 2x to 4x More Conversions with An AI Chatbot Service -- Or You Don’t Pay again!

Let Your ChatBots Sell

Your AI Chatbot integrates with your inventory and payment gateways to enable sales right in the chat window.

All Information and Knowledge

Your AI Chatbot appropriately answers repetitive queries from your customers.

Boost Lead Gen and Sales

On Websites, eCom Shops and Facebook Pages by 2 to 4 times or more. Guaranteed!

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Grab yourself a coffee and watch our FREE Webinar

To join our Programs, simply book and watch our free webinar. Let’s ensure your business is perfectly positioned for our partnership.

Watch and Learn For Free

  • If you have seen the media hype about AI. and want to know the truth.
  • If you want to know the simple and quick wins that you can deploy today
  • If you need solutions to problems that are growing daily
  • If you can’t afford to employ extra IT staff but know you need help
  • If you don’t want to waste time messing about with software and apps

Here is what you get on the JobsBots Plus Programme For Just £4,750 Once-Off or Monthly if Required.

Gold Number 1

We consult with you and your management team to create an AI deployment rollout strategy

We document the selection of the best and most effective business processes to deploy AI, and agree the deployment rollout into the most effective places. We research and agree on the World’s best technology to fit your specific industry and use case.

Gold Number 2

We deploy a ChatBot to your website or landing pages and Messaging channels for you

ChatBots are proven to 4 X the conversion rate of website visitors to orders. In addition, we will deploy the same sort of ChatBot onto your telephone numbers and WhatsApp messaging channels at the same time..

Gold Number 3

We deploy AI business automation into your business for you

This is a DFY (Done For You) Programme of services. We have a full team of expert AI Engineers to personalise your chosen AI and ChatBot services and we have in-house integration facilities and design Webhooks ready to use.

Gold Number 4

ongoing regular calls with your team to monitor success

We Project Manage the whole roll-out and deploy solutions into your business, as agreed in our plans. Regular on-line calls and meetings will update all stakeholders as the project progresses.

Gold number 5

We agree on the business outcome and you will pay no more until we achieve targets

The deal is - We take joint responsibility for the outcome of the JobsBots project. You pay no more if the agreed outcomes are not met. We will continue working with you until they are.

Gold number 6

we can supply business applications for every part of your business or integrate legacy apps

We already have a fully formed suite of back-end business applications pre-integrated to the AI and ChatBot services. We will deploy these as required to meet our objectives. Additionally Jobsbots Engineers can use our open API’s and WebHooks to integrate your own (preferred) applications as required.

Gold number 7

On-Going regular calls with your team to monitor success

JobsBots Project Manages the whole roll-out and deploys solutions into your business as agreed in our plans. Regular on-line calls and meetings will update all stakeholders as the project progresses.

NUmber 8 gold


We design and deploy an AI and ChatBot solution into your business for you for one flat-rate fee. If the solution does not provide the agreed benefits, you pay no more and we work with you until it does.

A True Partnership

JobsBots helps your business make more money and save time. When you start with JobsBots, we set a goal. We call it our “Core Intent”. — It always includes saving money and earning more.

The Core Intent is our promise to you. Just follow the advice and use the tools we deploy, and you will see your business grow.

Even if you already have some tools or software you like using, JobsBots can work with that to help you even more. It will be like having your own IT. team.

Jobsbots and your business

The SHARK SWIM guarantee

“I realise this may all be quite new to you so, to protect your interests I have pleasure to extend a highly unusual guarantee for you when buying JobsBots programmes”

David Claxton

Principle Consultant

For the first 30 days after you have signed up for JobsBots, I offer you a full money back, no questions asked guarantee. Then, after we start our work, if you do not meet agreed targets, we will undertake to work with you, without cost until you do.

Starting a JobsBots programme is like buying a house. You can’t possibly make a decision until you have seen the inside. You cannot possibly know if JobsBots is right for you until you have seen the inside.

So, join us today. Get yourself on the inside and see what we are doing for you and your business. Then, whether its 29 hours or 29 days from now, if you would not swim through shark infested waters to keep your service, then you email me and we return your money, no questions asked. If you are not happy, I’m not happy. I have been in the Business Automation market for over 15 years and I can personally be found all over the internet. You will not find a single bad review of me or my company there. This is our legacy. Our success is your success. With this guarantee in place, the only thing you can do that will harm your business right now is to walk away.“



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Make AI technology work in your business.



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